Park Theatre, London

The theatre was formed from an existing land locked site containing a three storey office building at the front with a two storey building at the rear with a partial basement.

The development includes: a two-tier 200 capacity theatre space; a 90 capacity flexible performance space; supporting offices; café bars and two additional stories of residential units at the front.

The construction of new foundations was avoided in the re-development works by the use of load trading of structural elements removed against deliberately lightweight new structural elements such that the existing foundations do not experience a significant increase in loading. 

The main structural components of the theatre are formed structure in a steel framed construction with a timber cavity roof structure forming the necessary sound barrier. Steel trusses create the outline of the Theatre auditorium.  

The new upper residential units were designed by removing the roof screed using lightweight steel frame and timber floor and roof.

Project Architect: David Hughes Architects
Photographs: Philip Vile