We share a passion for structural engineering in all its forms and want our clients to benefit from this. Our work environment is aimed at problem solving under open plan and collaborative conditions amongst enthusiastic colleagues.

From the beginning of a project we take time to understand the scope of the works proposed in order to determine key factors that will largely influence the scheme. In our experience these key factors can vary considerably between projects. Once key constraints or requirements are identified we can consider appropriate desk top and investigative works. We prepare detailed existing drawings, where appropriate, to assist with our understanding of the project. At the same time, we start the process of beginning to identify possible outline solutions.

Conceptual design is an important part of any project and is best undertaken with the key project factors in mind. Whilst this activity is usually carried out by an individual the resulting proposals are shared and subsequently tested by other engineers in the office. Our designs must meet the needs of our client, the site environment and be economically accountable. To achieve this, we often consult other design team members, contractors and subcontractors at this stage of a project.      

In developing our design we aim to prepare large scale details to explain how important aspects of the scheme are working. This serves to test the selection of materials and elements and their suitability. Where appropriate we prepare suggested sequencing drawings to both consider the practical aspects of the works and to assist with addressing health and safety issues. 

We enjoy seeing our ideas realised on site and organise staff visits to some of these site so that the rewards can be shared. We are also keen to gain feedback from site on how specified construction techniques have been received, information that may influence our future projects.        

We all strive for personal development and undergo regular training to this effect. We place a high emphasis on training our staff by holding weekly training sessions, tuning into lunchtime construction based seminars and encouraging broader participation within the industry.   

We are committed to fair employment practices and only employ paid internships.  We support the development of engineering talent from summer placements and year out students into graduate engineers.  We aim to ensure that the next generation of structural engineers has a sound grounding and learning experience here at HSE.

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